Atlanta Magazine Highlights Band Aid Plastic Surgery

While plastic surgery today can address a seemingly endless list of cosmetic issues, one important aspect of any procedure is balance. In other words, the benefits of a surgery must be significant enough to justify the operation it takes to attain them. To improve this balance, I have developed my exclusive line of Band Aid plastic surgery procedures, which, for the right patients, can achieve beautiful results in a minimally invasive way by using only gentle numbing and in-office techniques. But who is a good candidate? To help you navigate your options, here is a quick guide of the aesthetic goals each Band Aid plastic surgery procedure can address.

Atlanta Magazine Highlights Band Aid Plastic SurgeryBand Aid Facelift – removes excess skin affecting the upper, mid, or lower regions of the face, which has become lax due to aging, and restores firmness to the skin

Band Aid Blepharoplasty – upper blepharoplasty (or upper eyelid surgery) improves sagging skin which gives the eyelids a “hooded” appearance, and lower blepharoplasty addresses “bags under the eyes” for a more rested look

Band Aid Brow Lift – improves the appearance of creases and wrinkles on the forehead and throughout the eyebrow area

Band Aid Liposuction – removes unwanted fat from small areas, like under the chin, or removes mild amounts of fat from regions like the abdomen, flanks, and thighs

Band Aid Laser Skin Resurfacing – non-surgically minimizes wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and other signs of facial aging

Band Aid Skin Tightening – non-invasively improves aging skin’s firmness and elasticity to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin

Choosing the right cosmetic procedure for your needs is one of the most important steps toward receiving the results you want. While information like the guide above can be a helpful way to begin narrowing your options, it’s also crucial to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon to review your aesthetic goals and discuss what they recommend to best suit your needs. To start exploring how surgical or non-surgical procedures can help you become your most confident and beautiful self, schedule a consultation with me, Dr. John LeRoy. Plus, for more helpful tips and the latest updates about plastic surgery, join me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.