What are Patients Saying about Band Aid Plastic Surgery?

Over the past nearly twenty years, the Band Aid Facelift has become one of my most popular procedures. As a minimally invasive version of the well-known facelift, this unique in-office surgery I developed provides natural-looking results while removing lax facial skin under gentle numbing (rather than general anesthesia). While the Band Aid Facelift was the first of its kind, I have since extended my line of Band Aid procedures to include specialized versions of liposuction, eyelid surgery, brow lift, tummy tuck, arm lift, laser skin resurfacing, and non-surgical skin tightening. Before they schedule their procedure, many of my patients ask about the true test of how successful Band Aid plastic surgery is: the satisfaction of other patients. Read on to hear about a few of my patients’ experiences with Band Aid plastic surgery.

What are Patients Saying about Band Aid Plastic SurgerySusan’s Story

My first visit with Susan was over a decade ago, when she was considering having a mini facelift. However, an important part of making any cosmetic surgery as successful as possible is ensuring that each patient is receiving the right procedure for their needs, and based on this understanding, I recommended that Susan put the surgery on hold until she was ready. Twelve years later, take a look at what Susan had to say in her plastic surgery testimonial.

Jane’s* Story

Like Susan, Jane has been a patient of mine for many years. Her first procedure was a Band Aid Facelift, which gave her a subtle rejuvenating lift – so natural-looking, in fact, that her own mother couldn’t pinpoint what looked different about her. While cosmetic surgery can have a profound effect in “turning back the clock” on your appearance, it cannot stop the aging process, which is why, eight years later, Jane noticed that she had developed some lax skin throughout her neck. After her second Band Aid procedure, hear from Jane in her Band Aid facelift testimonial.

Cookie’s Story

As a breast cancer survivor who has been through her fair share of surgery and invasive medical procedures, Cookie was drawn to the Band Aid procedures because she preferred to avoid general anesthesia. As the founder and president of her own cancer-focused non-profit organization, Cookie also found the shortened recovery time of the Band Aid surgery to be easier to fit into her busy schedule, so this particular procedure was the ideal way for her to become more confident in her appearance without sacrificing the lifestyle she enjoys.

While Susan, Jane, and Cookie are just a few of the patients who have had great experiences with Band Aid plastic surgery, visit our Plastic Surgery Patient Stories page to find more testimonials from patients who have received a wide variety of cosmetic procedures. If you’re ready to discuss whether a Band Aid procedure or other type of cosmetic surgery or aesthetic treatment is right for you, call my office to schedule a consultation.

*Name has been changed to protect patient privacy.