Vote to Help a Charity Win $1,000!

At the office of Dr. John L. LeRoy, we have a true passion for spreading joy to those around us, whether that involves helping a patient restore their confidence with cosmetic enhancements or giving back to the Atlanta community. To this end, we hold several charity contests each year in which we invite all of you to nominate and vote on our Facebook page to select a charity who will then receive our $1,000 donation. We’ve received some excellent nominations over the past few weeks, and now we need you to cast your final vote to determine a winner!

atlanta plastic surgeon charity contestHow to Place Your Vote:

  1. Before Friday, February 19th, 2016, visit the John LeRoy Facebook page and “Like” the page, if you haven’t in the past.
  2. Find the post at the top of our timeline (the one titled, “Help a Charity Win $1,000!”
  3. Click the link in that post, which will take you to the poll. You will not be asked for any personal information.
  4. Check back on our Facebook page on Monday, February 22nd, 2016 to see who won!

Who’s on the Ballot:

Based on your nominations over the past several weeks, here are this month’s finalists:

  • The Mastocytosis Society – Mastocytosis is a rare condition in which the body accumulates too many of a particular type of cell called a mast cell. This may occur either within the skin or throughout the body’s organs, and the second subtype can be particularly dangerous. The Mastocytosis Society is dedicated to creating a more optimistic future for mastocytosis patients by funding research, promoting education, and providing support for current patients and their families.
  • FurKids – With locations in Doraville and Alpharetta, FurKids operates large no-kill shelters for both dogs and cats, rescuing more than 2,000 animals on average each year from area streets, unfit homes, and kill shelters. To further their mission of ending pet overpopulation, FurKids also offers spaying and neutering services, as wells as educational programs for current pet owners.
  • Helping in His Name Ministries/Food Pantry – Operating in Henry County, Helping in His Name Ministries runs a food pantry to provide for local families, senior citizens, and other individuals who cannot afford the food they need. The food pantry has been serving local residents for more than 25 years and has continued to grow, currently serving more than 3,100 people each month.
  • 7 Bridges to Recovery – Atlanta’s bridges have long been home to displaced residents throughout the area, and 7 Bridges to Recovery seeks out these individuals to offer them food and religious ministry. The organization also operates a year-long program to help homeless men get back on their feet, as well as a home for displaced women and children.
  • PKD Foundation – Polycystic kidney disease (or PKD) causes cysts to form on the kidneys, which damages the organs and can ultimately lead to life-threatening kidney failure. The PKD Foundation is dedicated to fighting this genetic condition by researching treatments and cures, educating physicians and patients alike, and providing support to PKD patients and their families.

Whomever you chose to vote for, thank you for helping us make the world a better place for those in need. We’re happy to be a part of the Atlanta community and to be fortunate enough to give back, and we’re honored to be able to involve as many members of the community as possible. To learn more about us or if you’re considering plastic surgery and want to discuss your options, schedule a consultation with me, Dr. John LeRoy. Or, for the latest updates about our current and future charity contests and special offers, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.