How a Band Aid Facelift Works with Other Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Starting in the 1990s I developed the Band Aid Facelift, inspired by my experience at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital (MEETH). This surgery is essentially a minimally invasive version of the traditional facelift. By using precise techniques and in-office gentle numbing, as opposed to general anesthesia in an operating room, a Band Aid Facelift offers exceptional results but with less downtime, scarring, bruising, swelling, and cost than a traditional plastic surgery requires. However, the procedure often works best as part of a multi-step process—in fact, it can work extremely well with the other similar surgeries I have since developed, including Band Aid Eyelid Surgery, Band Aid Liposuction, and the Band Aid Brow Lift.

How Band Aid Plastic Surgery Procedures Work TogetherCombining Multiple Procedures into One Surgery

You may think, “but I’d rather just get one surgery and be done with it.” However, because aging is progressive, this isn’t a realistic way to get natural-looking and satisfying results. One way the Band Aid Facelift and similar plastic surgeries can complement each other is by forming different parts of a single surgery. For example, consider a patient who has three cosmetic concerns – excess fat and sagging skin along their jawline and under their chin, as well as an aging brow line. In this case, the best option may be to improve the brow line with a Band Aid Brow Lift, and during the same surgery, to sculpt a slimmer area under the chin with Band Aid Liposuction while removing excess skin along the jawline with a Band Aid Facelift for the lower face. While this type of complex surgery is only an option for specific types of patients, it can offer a quicker road to the appearance you’re looking for, compared to having one procedure at a time with three separate recovery periods.

Making Incremental, Natural-Looking Improvements

One of the most frustrating parts of aging for many of my patients is that, while it can be slowed, it always continues to progress. That’s why Band Aid procedures can offer an ideal solution. Because they’re easier to fit into a patient’s life, they’re accessible for patients who are in the earlier signs of aging, so they can regain their confidence sooner without needing to wait until their skin laxity is severe enough to make a traditional surgery worthwhile. Then, as the years go by and aging appears in other areas (e.g., a patient who previously had a Band Aid Mini Facelift for their midface begins to develop sagging skin on their neck), additional minimally invasive surgeries can be used to improve these new signs of aging as they arise. Ultimately, this allows patients to maintain a more youthful look over time, rather than letting aging take its course and requiring more substantial procedures.

While these examples of surgical combinations have been the ideal choice for a number of patients, each patient has very unique concerns, needs, and priorities, so your aesthetic course of treatment should be based solely on your own situation. To start discussing how, as a double board-certified plastic surgeon, I can help you become your most confident and beautiful self, schedule a consultation with me, Dr. John L. LeRoy. Or, for more helpful information and tips about plastic surgery, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.