What Makes the Band Aid Facelift Unique?

Choosing a plastic surgery procedure isn’t as simple as many people think. Take facial rejuvenation for example. Nearly everyone knows what a facelift is, but it’s just one of a large number of procedures designed to turn back the clock on facial aging, and the selection can even vary from one surgeon to the next. For many of my patients who want to look younger, the ideal option is actually not the traditional facelift but a surgery I developed nearly 20 years ago called the Band Aid Facelift. Like an old-fashioned facelift, this procedure can achieve powerfully successful results by removing excess sagging skin and repositioning facial tissue, but several factors make the Band Aid Mini Facelift unique.

What Makes the Band Aid Facelift UniqueIn-Office

An operating room can be intimidating for patients, and because my Band Aid Facelift uses minimally invasive techniques, it can be performed in my comfortable and safe office setting, putting patients at ease. This also significantly reduces the cost of the surgery by removing operating room’s pricey fee.

Gentle Numbing

While a comprehensive facelift requires general anesthesia, the Band Aid Facelift requires only gentle numbing. That means you can remain awake during the entire procedure, and because anesthesia does carry some risks, patients are typically more comfortable with the gentle numbing and, if desired, conscious sedation.

Minimally Invasive

Precise techniques allow me to achieve natural-looking facelift results while having as little unnecessary impact as possible. This means your recovery period will involve much less bruising and swelling than a typical facelift, as well as smaller incisions and smaller scars.

Shortened Recovery Time

One of the more prominent factors in many of my patients’ decisions to choose a Band Aid Mini Face Lift is that the downtime is significantly shorter than a traditional facelift requires. As a result, the surgery is much easier for patients to fit into their busy schedules and allows them to see their final results sooner.

Natural-Looking Results

Many patients considering plastic surgery for facial rejuvenation are concerned about getting a “windblown” or “overdone” look. While both the traditional face lift and Band Aid Mini Facelift can achieve a natural-looking, the minimally invasive procedure focuses on incremental, subtle improvements over time. As one patient explains it, “It isn’t anything anybody outwardly recognizes, they just say, “Oh, you look so refreshed all the time!”

Only Performed by Dr. John LeRoy

The Band Aid Facelift was developed by me, Dr. John LeRoy, and is performed exclusively in my Atlanta office. That means every Band Aid Mini Facelift is performed not only by a double board-certified plastic surgeon, but by the only one who has nearly twenty years of experience in this precise surgery.

Remember, while the Band Aid Facelift has allowed thousands of patients over the years to achieve the natural-looking results they wanted with less recovery time, the best way to ensure that you get the best possible results is to do your research, learn about all your options for both plastic surgeons and procedures, and schedule a plastic surgery consultation to discuss your specific circumstances. You can get started by scheduling an appointment at my office at 404-843-0840 or by following me, Dr. John LeRoy, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.