Plastic Surgeon on Balancing Medical Ability with Bedside Manner

Finding the right physician (not just in plastic surgery but in any field of medicine) can be quite a journey. For some patients, their ideal doctor is blunt, while others prefer one who is more nurturing. One patient may want their physician to be quick during consultations, while another prefers one who spends more time with them. These varying types of doctors exist in every specialty, from family medicine to oncology, and even in plastic surgery.

After more than twenty years of working with patients as a double board-certified plastic surgeon, I’ve recognized that for a patient who is choosing their surgeon, there are two important pieces of the puzzle: the surgeon’s qualifications or medical ability (including cosmetic surgery before and after photos to show the results they’ve achieved) and their personality. In order for a procedure to go smoothly, it’s crucial that the surgeon and the patient feel comfortable enough with each other to openly and honestly communicate. My video below elaborates further on the importance of blending these qualities, and on the personality my own practice projects.

As intimidating as it may seem to find the right surgeon for you, plastic surgery doesn’t need to be a decision made in haste. You should take your time to research your options (paying close attention to whether or not the doctor specializes in your specific procedure) and to meet with several surgeons before you make your choice. To get started with a plastic surgery consultation, call our office to schedule your appointment. Or, for more helpful cosmetic surgery tips, follow me, Dr. John LeRoy on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.