Facelift Recovery: What Patients are Saying

When patients come to me and ask about the Band Aid Facelift that I developed in 1997, after performing over 5,000 of these procedures in the past twenty years, I have found that patients are often attracted to this surgery because it offers more natural results with less recovery time than a traditional facelift. In fact, patients can typically return to work and most of their other day-to-day activities in just half as much time as they would require after a traditional face lift. But of course, everyone wants to hear about the recovery from the patients who have actually experienced it. Fortunately, several of my past patients were happy to offer their input in their testimonial videos.

Patient #1

In some cases, a Band Aid Mini Facelift can be performed at the same time as another minimally invasive surgery for patients who want to address multiple different concerns. For the patient below, I performed a Band Aid Facelift as well as a Band Aid Lower Eyelid Surgery—a procedure to remove “bags under the eyes.” Despite receiving two surgeries, this patient was able to recover within just one week.


Patient #2:

This patient had already been through surgery related to breast cancer, and she came to me for facial rejuvenation so that she could continue to enjoy her cancer-free life feeling more confident in her appearance. But with her medical history, she wanted to keep her cosmetic procedures as minimal as possible, so the Band Aid Mini Face Lift was a perfect fit. In the video below, she explains how quickly she was not only back to her daily responsibilities, but back to having fun, too.


Patient #3:

Being in the earlier stages of aging, this patient was an ideal candidate for a Band Aid Mini Face Lift, because the minimally invasive surgery was enough to provide the youthful look she was seeking. In her video below, she not only explains how quick her recovery was, but offers some advice for future patients as well.

Healing is a crucial part of any plastic surgery, and when you’re planning any cosmetic surgery, it’s important to be sure that you can allow as much recovery time as your procedure will need. But you also shouldn’t choose a procedure that offers limiting downtime if it won’t be comprehensive enough to provide the results you want. To start discussing the available options for your specific needs, schedule a consultation today. Or, for more information about the Band Aid Facelift and other cosmetic surgery procedures, follow me, Dr. John L. LeRoy on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.