Combining Facial Liposuction with a Facelift

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has specialized in facial cosmetic surgery for nearly thirty years, I’ve developed a very in-depth knowledge of the facial contours. Understandably, though, some of my patients have difficulty envisioning how certain procedures will truly affect their appearance. In particular, facial liposuction is often misunderstood even though, when used correctly, it can make a world of difference. Today, I’m delving a bit deeper into what “facial liposuction” means, who it can help, and why it can be the perfect complement to a facelift.

Combining Facial Liposuction with a Facelift

While it’s often referred to as facial liposuction, this precise fat removal is typically used for the area under the chin rather than the actual “face.” For patients of all sizes, this area can accumulate unwanted fat and can be particularly difficult to change with diet and exercise. During the liposuction procedure, I make very tiny incisions (often within the natural creases of the jowl, chin, and neck area) that are just a few millimeters long. Through these incisions, a narrow tube called a micro-cannula is used to break apart the targeted fat cells and suction them out. Removing the fat in this way allows me to use my decades of training and expertise to sculpt the contours in a way that makes my patient look thinner and often younger as well.

Most of my patients who want liposuction under the chin are actually candidates for my unique Band Aid Liposuction. I developed this original procedure in order to remove small amounts of unwanted fat under the chin and other areas without the need for general anesthesia. Band Aid Liposuction, whether it’s for the face, the abdomen, the arms, or another area, is performed in-office using gentle numbing so that patients can be awake and comfortable during the procedure. For those who prefer, conscious sedation can be used as well. On top of the convenience and lower cost of the in-office surgery, Band Aid Liposuction also offers around half the recovery time of traditional liposuction.

Facial liposuction alone can be perfect for young patients who still have significant skin tightness, but many of the patients I see also want to repair signs of aging, like sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, hollows of the cheeks, and more. For these patients, facial Band Aid Liposuction can be very successfully paired with a facelift or my minimally invasive Band Aid Mini Facelift. Liposuction alone doesn’t tighten the skin, so for aging patients, removing the fat can leave behind some lax skin. Opting for a facelift or mini facelift along with facial liposuction can allow you to achieve the sleeker contours you’re looking for while also addressing other signs of aging at the same time.

Liposuction might be stereotyped as a procedure to slim down your waistline, but as many of us know all too well, unwanted fat can accumulate in any area of the body. Fortunately, liposuction and Band Aid Liposuction are versatile enough to follow it nearly anywhere. To find out if facial liposuction, a mini facelift, or any of my many other procedures can help you become your most confident, beautiful self, schedule a consultation with me, Dr. John L. LeRoy. For more cosmetic surgery tips and helpful information, be sure to also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.