My Mini Facelift Story

The plastic surgery experience is unique to every patient who walks through my doors. For many new patients, one of the largest questions on their minds is, “What can I expect from my surgery?” To help you learn more, in my new blog series, one of my recent patients at my Atlanta plastic surgery practice has graciously agreed to share her story:

My Atlanta Mini Facelift Story

My name is Linda, and at 69 years old, I found that I didn’t look as young as I feel. I’m not a stranger to plastic surgery – “bags under the eyes” run in my family, so I had an eyelid surgery when I was 50. But lately, I decided that it was time for a refresher, not just for my eyes but for the rest of my face as well. I promised myself that I’d treat myself to a little more “work” before my 70th birthday, so a few months ago, I decided it was time to get started.

I’ve been going to my dermatologist for years and I really trust her medical expertise, so I asked her who she would recommend. She gave me a list to work from, and I chose to meet with a few different surgeons. I was happy with all of them, but Dr. John LeRoy was above and beyond. I was thrilled with what he offered, the value he provided for the price, and most of all, the comfort and confidence I received from him. He was so easy to talk to, and I could see that he was extremely skilled and experienced in his craft. He took as much time as I needed, and I really felt confident in his abilities.

Leading up to the surgery, I wasn’t really nervous at all. Dr. LeRoy and his staff did a great job of explaining everything, letting me know what to expect, and putting me at ease. By the time my surgery day arrived, I was just excited to start the process and see my results.

I actually had three surgeries – a Band Aid Mini Facelift (Dr. LeRoy’s specialty), Band Aid Eyelid Surgery (upper eyelids and lower eyelids), and liposuction along my jawline. All of it was done under local anesthesia – it was much more comfortable for me than being put to sleep with general anesthesia. Considering how much work I had done, the surgery went by very quickly. It only took about three hours, and Dr. LeRoy and his nurse Dorothy talked to me and kept me comfortable the entire time.

Just like the surgery itself, the recovery was surprisingly easy. I was amazed that I was already washing my hair by the next day! I tried to stay home to recover for the first week or so, although I probably could have gone out sooner if I’d wanted to. The only noticeable effect that I still have (other than my great results, of course) is some numbness in a few areas, which I know can take several months to fade.

At this point, just a month after surgery, I’m absolutely thrilled with the facelift results and the entire experience! All I wanted was to look like a slightly younger, more rested and refreshed version of myself, and that’s exactly what Dr. LeRoy gave me. My husband was worried that I would come home looking like a different person, but he’s thrilled to see that I just look like a rejuvenated “me.”

Overall, Dr. LeRoy is definitely someone I’ll return to for any future treatments I may want. The entire office staff was wonderful as well, making me feel comforted and supported every step of the way. It was such a manageable experience, and I’m so glad I did it!

At my plastic surgery office, we go out of our way to make sure every patient feels as confident and comfortable as Linda has. I’m truly honored that Linda chose me to be a part of her journey, and I feel fortunate for the opportunity to treat all of her concerns. If the Band Aid Mini Facelift sounds like something that interests you, schedule a cosmetic surgery consultation with me today. And for future “My Story” blogs as well as plastic surgery tips, special offers, and more, follow me, Dr. John L. LeRoy on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.