What to Expect from a Plastic Surgery Consultation

Great changes rarely happen overnight, and cosmetic surgery is no exception. It’s a process to plan, prepare for, and recover from plastic surgery. Many patients find it helpful to learn what to expect at each stage. One very important part of the process is your in-person consultation.

My patients often begin by calling my office to speak to my knowledgeable staff and learn more about our practice, but the next step is for them to come in for a consultation. This appointment is an opportunity for me to examine the concerns they want to address, like facial aging or excess fat under the chin. Then, I’ll discuss my recommendations for their plastic surgery (or nonsurgical treatments), explain what they can expect, and answer any questions they may have.

For more insight into the plastic surgery consultation what to expect when you come in, check out my video below:

A consultation and the other aspects of plastic surgery planning are important steps toward getting the results you want. Still, it all starts with choosing the right board-certified plastic surgeon. To find out more about my experience, my practice, and my minimally invasive face lift surgery, I welcome you to explore my website or call my office to set up an appointment.