My Band Aid Facelift and Eyelid Surgery Story

My plastic surgery blog is a place where I can delve into more details about my procedures, offer additional input, and offer helpful information for my current and future patients. But I also recognize that sometimes, it’s helpful to hear another patient’s perspective. One of my recent patients has been generous enough to share her story:

My Band Aid Facelift and Eyelid Surgery StoryI’m L, and I’m a proud patient of Dr. John LeRoy. At 68, I still feel young at heart, but when I looked in the mirror, I saw someone who looked tired. I was ready to do something about it, and I found Dr. John LeRoy.

His credentials and experience were impressive, but what really excited me was the unique procedure he was offering. I was a candidate for the Band Aid Facelift and Band Aid Eyelid Surgery – his own surgeries he developed. It uses local numbing instead of general anesthesia, and it’s less invasive than a typical surgery. It also kept the cost lower, which was definitely a plus.

Ultimately, I was scheduled for a Band Aid Facelift and upper eyelid surgery. Throughout the procedure, Dr. LeRoy and his nurse Dorothy chatted with me and did a fantastic job of making me comfortable and even making me laugh. It was clear to me that Dr. LeRoy and Dorothy have a great working relationship and that they make a wonderful team.

After my procedure, my recovery went as smoothly as expected. I had swelling and bruising for about ten days. It’s now been almost four months since my surgery, and my results are a huge improvement. I may choose to have some additional tightening down the road with a temporal lift. It’s difficult to be objective about your own appearance, but when I saw my before-and-after photos from my three month follow-up, I realized what an amazing difference it had made! Overall, I would gladly recommend Dr. LeRoy to friends and family members.

From one patient to another, there are a few things I wish I had known and been prepared for ahead of time, so I’d love to share a few thoughts. First of all, because of the staples and incisions, I had to sleep on my back while I was recovering. For me, this was a big deal because I typically sleep on my side due to a back problem. If you’re thinking about facial plastic surgery, this might be something to discuss ahead of time. Second, your hair will feel very greasy because of the ointment you need to use on the incisions. And finally, you’ll need to wait a while after your surgery before you can get your hair dyed, so I would advise having this done before surgery. Best of luck!

Every plastic surgery patient has their own unique experience, so you need to use some caution when you’re reading about other patients. But it’s undoubtedly helpful to hear from someone in a similar situation to yours and to find out what to expect before, during, and after your surgery. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to L for her openness and honesty and for the time she gave to tell her story.

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