Performed by John L. LeRoy, M.D., FACS in Atlanta, Georgia.

Upper Facelift/ Forehead Lift/ Endoscopic Brow Lift

brow lift atlanta georgiaFor many individuals, the first noticeable signs of aging occur around the forehead and eyes. Lax muscles and inelastic skin coupled with years of repeated facial expressions can produce permanent furrowed brows and wrinkles. Dr. LeRoy uses brow lift surgery to relax these wrinkle causing muscles and tighten the skin on top of them. Using only a few tiny incisions hidden within the hair line and natural contours along the ears, Dr. LeRoy skillfully returns the forehead muscles to their original position and minimizes excess skin. Dr. LeRoy may employ a less invasive version of the traditional brow lift, known as the Band Aid Brow Lift, on those patients with noticeable signs of aging who don’t need the full lift.

Endoscopic Technique

The enodocope used in endoscopic brow lift surgery, is a very thin, unobtrusive instrument used to guide the plastic surgeon in identifying the ill-positioned facial muscles. Just as with Dr. LeRoy’s Band Aid procedures, the endoscopic brow lift’s minimally invasive nature considerably shortens recovery time. Most endoscopic brow lift patients can expect to return to their normal routines within ten days of their cosmetic surgery procedure.

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To learn more about the browlift procedure, contact our office in Atlanta, Georgia. Facelift surgery can take five to ten years off of your face and can help you obtain the refreshed, youthful look you’ve been seeking.

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