Performed by John L. LeRoy, M.D., FACS in Atlanta, Georgia.

Facial implants of the chin, cheeks, or jaw can help patients enhance their facial contours and achieve greater facial symmetry. Chin implants are used primarily for patients who have small, weak, or recessive chins. Conversely, patients with overly prominent chins or jaws may benefit from reductive facial plastic surgery.

Patients with weak or undefined cheek bones can also benefit from facial implants, which can bring balance to a small or narrow face. Cheek and chin surgery are among the most simple types of facial plastic surgery and are relatively inexpensive compared to other procedures.

Facial Implants Overview

Facial implant procedures can be performed in such a way that any residual scarring is virtually undetectable. Cheek implants are often placed through an incision inside the upper lip or under the lower eyelid. They are then positioned for the best possible aesthetic results. Chin implants are likewise placed through discrete incisions, either on the underside of the chin or on the inside of the mouth.

Facial Implants Recovery

The main recovery period from facial implants surgery typically does not last more than one week or less. The results are immediately visible, and the benefits of this procedure are even more noticeable after the initial swelling has passed.

Chin and cheek augmentation with facial implants can be very effective ways of giving you a more contoured and defined appearance with long-lasting results.

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