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Like any surgery at our Atlanta, Georgia office, a face lift is a complex procedure that requires ample preparation and the utmost surgical skill. Understandably, most patients of Dr. John LeRoy have many questions and concerns before deciding to have a face lift or “Band Aid” mini face lift. For that reason, we provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about face lift surgery.

What are the common reasons that people have face lift surgery?

Most patients at our Atlanta practice choose face lift or “Band Aid” mini facelift surgery to reduce the signs of aging and sun damage and obtain an overall refreshed look. Sometimes patients who have lost substantial amounts of weight also wish to tighten the resulting loose skin on their necks, jowls, and cheeks. Most patients do not wish to look dramatically younger than they really are, and very few patients wish to eliminate their wrinkles and smile lines completely. Rather, most face lift patients simply want to look like relaxed, healthy, and well-rested versions of themselves.

What are some of the risks associated with face lift surgery?

Like any surgery, the face lift procedure does carry some risk. Some of the most common complications associated with face lift surgery are blood and fluid retention beneath the skin, infection, adverse reaction to anesthesia, and numbness or tingling around the incision areas. Nerve damage, skin discoloration, and hair loss can also occur, although these are rare. Generally, face lift surgery is considered very safe for most candidates.

Am I a good candidate for a face lift?

There are several factors that will determine whether or not you are good face lift candidate; Dr. John LeRoy will discuss these variables with you during your consultation at our office in Atlanta, Georgia. Generally, face lift candidates should have good skin elasticity; strong, well-defined bone structures; good general health; and realistic expectations. Usually face lift candidates have good amounts of excess skin on the face and neck that they would like to have removed in addition to the tightening of muscles and removal of wrinkles. Most face lift patients are between the ages of 40 and 70, although patients who are older than 70 can also benefit from face lift procedures if they are in good health.

How long will my results last?

Although a face lift cannot reverse the aging process, it can turn back the clock by anywhere from five to ten years. After your face lift, your skin will continue to age; however, you can expect to maintain the same young and refreshed look you achieved with surgery for another five to ten years. Of course, results will vary from patient to patient. When you meet with Dr. John LeRoy for your consultation, he can help you predict what your results will be.

How soon will I be able to return to work?

Most patients return to work within two weeks of their face lift surgeries; however, it may take up to three weeks for bruising and swelling to disappear. You should avoid any strenuous activities for at least two weeks and be sure to avoid sun exposure.

Will there be any noticeable scarring?

After face lift surgery, scars will remain pink for a few months. As the skin heals, the scars will become less visible and lighter in color. Fortunately, most of these scars will be well hidden under the hairline or within the skin’s natural creases. Limiting your sun exposure and taking good care of your skin after surgery will help greatly in reducing the appearance of scar tissue. See our gallery of our face lift before-and-after photos for examples of Dr. John LeRoy’s exceptional work.

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