Band Aid Procedures

Double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. John L. LeRoy places an emphasis on facial plastic surgery at his practice because he knows the face is typically the first region to exhibit aging. He also understands that most individuals seeking facial rejuvenation aren’t interested in something drastic, but rather, a renewed sense of confidence and restoration of the way they looked a few years prior. This understanding led Dr. LeRoy to develop an original line of minimally-invasive, in-office procedures known as Band Aid Plastic Surgery. Beginning with the Band Aid Facelift in 1997, Dr. LeRoy has perfected these procedures to produce natural-looking results without the downtime, expense, and invasiveness of traditional plastic surgery. Performed with gentle numbing, Band Aid Facelift can help you renew your overall appearance, rejuvenate areas around the eyes, diminish signs of aging and stress near the brows, and more. Band Aid “mini plastic surgery” procedures expertly target the root of cosmetic concerns to achieve your cosmetic enhancement goals with less invasive treatment.